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Plant food for flowers

As anyone who has spent some time growing flowers will know: providing plants with that little extra boost will help stimulate and support those gorgeous flowers we all love. Choosing the right plant food for flowers and knowing how to apply fertilizer is important for anyone looking for great results, whether you are growing commercially or just want to see your garden bloom and flourish. This article will discuss the following topics:

  • Plant food for flowers: organic or mineral?
  • Plant food for flowers: choosing the right fertiliser
  • Plant food for flowers: how to use it

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Plant food for flowers: organic or mineral?

Plant food for flowers comes in many different shapes and forms. A good place to start is by making a decision between using an organic or mineral fertilizer. One is not necessarily better than the other, both have their advantages and disadvantages. Organic fertilisers are made out of organic materials such as manure, compost or bone meal. While mineral fertilisers are synthetic. Organic fertilisers tend to be more slow-release, meaning they will stay in the soil for longer and release nutrients more slowly over a longer period of time. Organic fertiliser will improve soil quality and are a durable and sustainable option. Mineral fertiliser on the other hand can damage or exhaust the soil when overused but also work a lot faster than organic fertilisers. If your flowers are in immediate need of nutrients or suffer deficiencies using a mineral fertiliser will quickly help revitalize your flowers. Organic and mineral fertilisers can also be used in combination with each other. When choosing this method you want your main fertiliser to be organic and you can use a mineral fertiliser sparingly when your flowers need an extra boost. Read more about plant food for flowers here.

Plant food for flowers: choosing the right fertiliser

When deciding which plant food for flowers to get, it is always a good idea to choose a fertiliser that is specifically created with the purpose of providing nutrients to flowers. Flowers as a general rule tend to require more phosphorus than other plants as phosphorus helps with healthy blooming. It is therefore good to check the amount of phosphorus when purchasing a fertiliser for your flowers. Bac Online offers some fantastic high-quality fertilisers specifically designed for flowers as well as boosters, such as for example the organic bloom stimulator. If you have any questions about what plant food for flowers will fit the specific needs of your particular situaovertion you can always reach out to our knowledge centre for some personalised advice. Our experts will be happy to help you.

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Plant food for flowers: how to use it

Blooming flowers require lots of nutrients to keep them thriving. Always make sure you water your flowers before fertilising them. Fertilisers come in different forms, solid fertiliser can be added directly to the soil. Liquid fertiliser or water-solvable fertilisers can be deluded and sprayed onto the plants or the soil. Always make sure you check the label of the fertiliser to make sure you are using it properly. If you are looking for a feeding schedule you can download one here, this can be used as a guideline to help determine when and how much to fertilise. Though of course it is only a guideline and you will want to alter it to make sure it matches your particular circumstances.


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